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Steel Hot Rolled Steel :

Hot-rolled steel offers extensive performance characteristics, versatility and economy. Asia FerroMet product line of hot-rolled strip steel includes a full range of products tailored to meet specific and demanding applications. These products include forming and structural grades, heat-treatable steels and a wide choice of advanced and high-strength low-alloy steels. Hot rolled steel bars in the welding and construction trades such as making railroad tracks, I-beams, and other steel construction materials that don’t require super precise shapes.

Cold Rolled Steel :

Cold rolled steel is manufactured at temperatures below its recrystallization temperature, typically at around room temperature. Cold-rolled steel is manufactured by a process wherein sheet metal is placed between a pair of rollers and then compressed and squeezed to produce the required thickness. The uses for cold rolled steel include metal furniture, desks, filing cabinets, shelves, tables, chairs, motorcycle exhaust pipes, computer cabinet and hardware, all home appliances and components, shelving, lighting fixtures, hinges, tubing, steel drums, lawn mowers, electronic cabinetry, lighting fixtures, water heaters, metal containers, and a variety of construction related products.

Steel Pipes (ERW/Spiral/Seamless)

The company Supplies a vast diversity of steel pipes via electric resistance welding (ERW) and spiral pipe welding. Asian FerroMet Supplies API (American Petroleum Institute) specification pipes, which require particularly high quality rendering, is well received by both local and international markets. . Steel pipes can be used for many purposes such as for frames and shafts, bicycle frames, furnitures, and for various structural purposes, engineering purposes, buildings etc


Semi-finished products from Steelsol can be delivered in a wide range of products steel also with alloy steel grades with perfect dimensional uniformity. Billets in sizes 130 mm x130 mm, 150x150 mm and 200X200 mm for rolling of structural products or rounds in diameter 140, 160, 180 and 200 mm for production of seamless pipes, all for sale.